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MPRouteReader Guided Tour: Creating routes from complex groups

MPRouteReader creates routes from pushpins, sorting the pushpins in a pre-defined order specified by a data field in the pushpin set. A route can also be created from a subset of these pushpins by using groups. As well as working with individual groups, it is possible to work with multiple groups at the same time.

Sample multi-group data

Multiple Groups

It is possible to define pushpin waypoints that are in multiple groups. It is also possible to create a route from multiple groups. This is illustrated with the sample data on the right.

A pushpin location is listed in multiple groups by using the "," separator in the group data field. For example, rows 6, 10, 11, and 17 in the sample data are listed in multiple groups.

A sample route created from group A

Pushpins in Multiple Groups

A pushpin that is listed in multiple groups will be selected when either group is selected. For example, the route on the right was created when group A was selected (home was used for the start and end locations, as before). Note that the three locations that are listed in both groups A and B, are included.

A sample route created with groups A and C

Combining Multiple Groups to Create a Route

It is also possible to create a single route from multiple groups. This could be useful if you have many routes made from the sets of waypoint sequences. Each sequence could be defined as a group to form a "route segment". Simply select the required groups (route segments) to create the final route. This is a modular approach to route creation.

The route on the right was created in this manner by select groups A and C. Notice that it is similar to the route above, but includes the extra C pushpins (in Wisconsin and Indianapolis).

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