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Guided Tour of MPRouteWriter: Pushpin Data Fields

MPRouteWriter writes the names of waypoints with the option to include other information such as route distance and travel time.

Waypoints are usually created from pushpins. MPRouteWriter was designed to match waypoints with their pushpins, and to provide the option of writing the pushpin's data with each waypoint.

Sample RouteWriter route map

Writing Pushpin Data Fields

This example has a salesman's route with many sales stops across the US. The map (see right) shows the route. One of the waypoint's pushpins has been opened, illustrating that the pushpin has a number of data fields set. The pushpin has a name, street address, Contact data field, and Quantity data field. These data fields are useful to the salesman, and it will be useful if they are included in the final route itinerary.

MPRouteWriter panel set to write pushpin data fields

To the right is the MPRouteWriter panel set to match waypoints with their pushpins, and to write the data fields out with the waypoint data. This is performed using the Cross-reference with pushpins and output data fields check box.

This option enables three other check boxes. The first check box Resolve duplicate matching pushpins is explained in the next page of this tour, Handling Duplicate Pushpin Names. Output Pushpin Street Address will write the pushpin's street address, if available. Note that the street address is usually also included in a pushpin's data fields, so it often duplicates data which will be written anyway. This occurs during this example, so the check box is unchecked.

The final check box sorts the data field columns in alphabtical order by name. By default MPRouteWriter lists these columns in the order that they are found. Usually this is broadly representative of the original data imported into MapPoint. However it can vary between runs if the pushpins have different data fields set. Enabling this option will result in a more consistent result.

RouteWriter v1.* and v2.* also enabled the Output Pushpin Coordinates check box. MPRouteWriter v3.0 is now capable of writing coordinates for all waypoints regardless of whether they have a pushpin or not. Hence this option has been replaced by the Output Coordinates check box.

RouteWriter results with pushpin data fields in Excel

Here are the results. Note that well as a sequence number, name, distance, time, and pushpin coordinate; the corresponding pushpin data fields (name, contact, street address, city, state, zip code, country, and quantity) are also written for each waypoint. None of the Notes data fields were set, so these have not been written.

Next, we look at how MPRouteWriter handles pushpins with duplicate names.

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