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Oct 21st: RouteWriter v3.7 released


Guided Tour: MPRouteWriter Rest Stops

It is possible for MPRouteWriter to modify stop times, and to write rest stops.

MPRouteWriter panel set to write rest stops

Stop Times

MPRouteWriter can be told to set all waypoint stops to have the same stop interval. Do this by checking the Overwrite all stop times check box. Then enter the stop time (in minutes). This option is set to 7 minutes but switched off in the screenshot on the right.

Rest Stops

Microsoft® MapPoint®'s routing engine can be set to insert rest stops at periodic time intervals. MPRouteWriter will then write these rest stops out with the pushpins. Enable this option by setting the Output Rest Stops, plus the length of each rest stops and interval between rest stops (both in minutes). The example on the right is set to insert 15 minute rest stops every 4 hours (240 minutes).

MPRouteWriter results with rest stops in Excel

Here are the results using the route from the previous example. Note that each and every rest stop is written on its own row in in the route. These are marked as "Rest break" and have their distance, time, and geographic coordinates recorded. Note that they do not have any other names or data fields.

RouteWriter is capable of recognizing rest stops for all of MapPoint's language editions.

Next, we look at writing pushpin data fields.

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